FPW Feature: Now We Are Hungry
Now We are Hungry: How Indigenous Knowledge Can Help Protect Food and Water Security in a Changing Climate


Money and Life: Rebecca Adamson on the Understanding of Sufficiency
An interview of Rebecca Adamson, conducted for the documentary “Money and Life”. v=VMV7NTO2o2Y&list=FLUbTyKmE3c1sHVY4BsTZovw&index=1&feature=plpp_video


FPW Feature: Indigenous Peoples' Traditional Knowledge and Climate Change
How Indigenous peoples’ traditional ecological knowledge holds key yet untapped adaptive and mitigating solutions to climate change.



FPW Feature: Indigenous Peoples' Stories of Climate Change
Indigenous communities tell stories of how climate change is directly affecting their livelihood and lands.



FPW Feature: Indigenous Peoples' Solutions for Climate Change
Ways in which Indigenous peoples’ traditional knowledge and land stewardship methods are providing adaptive and mitigating solutions to climate change.


FPW Feature: First Peoples Worldwide Keepers of the Earth Fund
All about First Peoples Worldwide’s grant-making program, Keepers of the Earth.



Indigenous Peoples in Africa Part 2
A short film on various Indigenous tribes of Africa. v=ucZjupV_b1I&list=FLUbTyKmE3c1sHVY4BsTZovw&index=2&feature=plpp_video


Tenure Recognition Over the Past Few Decades
Here's how some face tragedy everyday and don't burn out.


ENOUGHNESS: Restoring Balance to the Economy
How we see the world determines how we act.


Suffisantisme: Ou comment rééquilbrer l'économie (Par l'écologie)
Notre façon de voir le monde détermine notre facon d'agir.


Rebecca Adamson Enoughness Restoring Balance to the Economy
At the 2013 Climate, Mind, & Behavior Symposium, Rebecca Adamson of First Peoples...


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