Keepers of the Earth Fund is closed and we are no longer accepting grant applications.

Who can apply for Keepers of the Earth grants?
Keepers of the Earth grants are open to Indigenous-led grassroots organizations, groups, societies, associations, consortiums, Tribes, or First Nations. Click here to review our Guidelines For Grant Applicants.

My organization is not Indigenous-led, but directly benefits an Indigenous community, can I apply for a grant?
Yes, but only if the proposed project was initiated by and will be implemented by the Indigenous community.

I have a fiscal sponsor, what sort of information do I need to provide about my sponsor on my application?
We ask that you provide the name of the organization and its not-for-profit certification (IRS letter, registration certificate).

Can I apply for a Keepers of the Earth grant to cover operational costs for my organization?
Yes, but only as they directly relate to the project for which the grant is awarded.

I received a Keepers of the Earth grant for my project. My project is still ongoing, but I have run out of funds. Can I apply for another Keepers of the Earth grant?
We fund some projects up to three times when there is consistent progress as well as growth in the project goals. Subsequent awards of larger amounts are possible, but not guaranteed.

I have received a Keepers of the Earth grant before and I want to begin a new project. Can I apply for another grant?
Yes. We will award grants for up to three different projects to a single organization. However, you must complete your previous project before applying for another grant.

How much grant money can I apply for?
The largest possible grant award is US$20,000. Grant amounts for first-time applicants range from $500 to $5,000. If you have been awarded a Keepers of the Earth grant before and your project was successful, your next project is more likely to be approved for a larger grant.

Can I apply for a Keepers of the Earth grant online?
Yes, we encourage you to apply online as it allows First Peoples Worldwide to receive and process your application more quickly. To apply online, click here.

Can I submit my application on video?
Yes. For instructions on how to submit a video application, click here.

If I am sending a paper or video application through the mail, where do I send it?
Please send completed paper or video applications to: Grants Coordinator, First Peoples Worldwide, 877 Leeland Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22405.

Is there a deadline to apply for grants?
We only accept applications for Keepers of the Earth grants between January 1st and October 31st. In special circumstances, we will consider an application after October 31st. In this case please contact us before applying.

Will I receive a notification that my application has been received?
Yes, you will be sent an acknowledgement email as soon as we have received your application. If you do not receive this notification, please send us an email letting us know you have submitted an application but did not receive a notification. 

How long will it take for First Peoples Worldwide to review my grant application?
It can take up to eight weeks for First Peoples to complete a review of your application. However, if your project is deemed ineligible we will notify you soon after your application is received. Click here to review our Guidelines For Grant Applicants.

How does First Peoples Worldwide decide which projects to fund?
You can read about our criteria for funding projects on our Guidelines For Grant Applicants page.

My request for a grant was denied. Can I apply again?
Yes. However, if you were denied because your organization or project is not eligible, you should not reapply unless your circumstances have changed and you have become eligible.

Where can I find other sources of funding?
We provide links to many other sources of funding on our Other Funding Sources page.

I have been awarded a Keepers of the Earth grant. When will I receive my funds?
Once you have been notified of a grant award, we will ask you to complete pre-grant documents that will help us properly manage your grant and transmit grant funds. You will receive your funds within two weeks after we have received your completed pre-grant documents.

How are my funds transmitted to my organization?
We will wire grant funds directly to your bank account based on the instructions you provide in your pre-grant documents.

Will I receive all of my grant amount at once?
Yes. Because First Peoples makes only small grants, it is not cost-effective for us to make installment payments.

I have received my funds and my project is underway! How do I report my progress?
When your project is complete, we will interview members of your organization and the community about the process and results of your project. We prefer to conduct these interviews via Skype or telephone, but if these options are not feasible we will provide you with guidelines for a written report that can be emailed, faxed or mailed to First Peoples Worldwide. We will also ask you to provide a budget expenditure report detailing how you spent your grant, along with statistical data on the implementation and impact of your project. We will contact you soon after you receive your grant to discuss how you will produce your final report. While only the final report is required, we encourage you to keep us updated on your progress throughout the project’s implementation.

Can I use part of my Keepers of the Earth grant to purchase equipment, such as a camera, to record my project’s progress?
Yes, small equipment purchases are allowable expenses if they have been included and approved in the project budget. This equipment belongs to the organization and becomes part of its assets. Likewise, the assets will need to be redistributed to other not-for-profits if for any reason the grantee organization dissolves.

How long do I have to complete my project?
We generally fund projects that will take between four and eight months to complete, though some may take up to 12 months. We will not fund projects that are expected to take longer than 12 months to complete. However, if your project is taking longer than expected, we may decide to extend the deadline for your final report until you are able to complete the project.

My project is complete. When is my final report due?
Your final report is due within 30 days after the project is finished. If you are not able to complete your project on time, you must notify First Peoples and work with our staff to determine a new due date for your report.

How can I get in touch with other Indigenous organizations in my region and around the world?
We provide links to other organizations on our Other Resources page, and our Facebook page is a great place to connect to other Indigenous communities and organizations. We’re also happy to make introductions if you’re interested in contacting a specific organization.

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Keepers of the Earth Fund is closed and we are no longer accepting grant applications.

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