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We are not accepting grant applications at this time. We will work through our grants pipeline, and give appropriate due diligence to applications we have in-house as of June 30, 2016.

We appreciate any inquiries, but cannot consider new grant requests.



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Apply for a Grant: Video!

First Peoples Worldwide is now accepting grant applications in video form as an alternative to our written application!

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    In July 2016, the State Department published its annual Trafficking in Persons Report, which rates governments on their efforts to acknowledge and combat human trafficking in their countries. The report can serve as a resource for companies to use when assessing Country Risk, since human trafficking is one of the worst social impacts tied to […]

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    An article in the Foley Hoag CSR and the Law blog provides guidance on how companies can avoid turning human rights due diligence into checklist exercises that fail to yield good practice on the ground. The article suggests that human rights information, instead of being compiled into a single report once a year, should be […]

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    By: Hannah Stack  | First Peoples Worldwide Communications For the Uriankhai tribe of Duut Sum, Mongolia, the spread of majority culture and modernism has placed a great strain on several established traditions. Just over 40 miles from Khovd City, the community increasingly feels the negative influence of urban factors. For one particular tradition, the Tuuli, this […]

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