Bridging Cultures

The closer the relationship between company and community, the greater the chances of successful long-term collaboration and goodwill. There are few similarities between corporate and Indigenous cultures, and when negotiations between the two worlds fail, it is often because neither side understands the way the other works. First Peoples Worldwide provides specific applied research geared toward enhanced community engagement to corporate leaders in order to make bridging these cultures more successful.

Companies interested in operating in Indigenous territories need sound interpretation of good data about everything their presence will affect. First Peoples Worldwide provides consultancy services to those companies interested in placing the highest priority on Indigenous interests.

Our consultancy includes the following:
● A pre-engagement analysis establishing potential common ground with the community based on its economic and social models, as well as its decision-making and communication strategies.
● Advice on how to turn data collection needs into a valuable opportunity for building cultural bridges between company and community.
● A different, independent and objective set of expert eyes through which to see the company’s work and to provide critical analysis, strategic feedback, reviews of general and targeted publications, and offer feedback on how communities may perceive company behavior and communications.
● Corporate Risk Alerts providing trend analysis that highlights evolving Indigenous issues in a specific location. This may also include legal and business precedents throughout the world that will have implications in the company’s area of operation.
● Project consultation and one-one-one training and advising with operating teams to strengthen community relations, build reputation and increase goodwill.
● Identification of the formal and informal Indigenous community networks and political structures that will help the company become transparent and inclusive in its engagement strategies.
● Analysis and recommendations on applying corporate contributions to social investing in a way that is culturally appropriate for local communities.

We charge companies a fee for this service that is on par with standard industry consultancy rates. Just as environmental responsibility has become a non-negotiable factor in the cost of doing business, earnest social responsibility must also be integrated into business models, and we wish to encourage companies to take the need for social understanding seriously by paying for it. As social responsibility standards become commonplace in the world’s major industries, we hope to pave the way for a new generation of local, native consultants who provide expert information while supporting their communities.

If your company is interested in having First Peoples advise you on your policies toward Indigenous Peoples, please contact us to set up a consulting relationship. You can begin by clicking here.

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